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It's not good enough for that guy that always gripes about LAN & USB - the USB actually works over the LAN - but it's always a safe thing in the morning that he will ALWAYS be there with that gripe. You never show my suggestions - but you WILL show THAT TRIPE! Quit showing favoritism & start showing actual HELPFUL suggestions to HELP the programers.

Thomas Roberts , 23.03.2012, 15:38
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Whiterabbit-uk (that guy), 23.03.2012, 20:50
To Mr T Roberts

In answer to your rathe rude and ill informed comment:

My suggestions are as valid as anyone else's. I have a home network with five computers and most of the giveaways here do NOT support LAN or USB use. (Though nothing was suggested regarding portable apps today as this is already portable) Both of which in MY OPINION, should be standard for most programs especially ones that involve syncing files between computers.

If you want to get your suggestions shown, because of the nature of the way they are shown on the giveaway site you need to post them as early as you can, like I do.

There is no favoritism shown here, I just have lots of ideas about the software I may find useful. I always download the program, install it then check them over, I'll then go to the developers web site to see if they have a better description of the program, then I'll post suggestions that i think are valid. If they weren't valid, or the community though they were not appropriate, then I wouldn't post them and they wouldn't get the votes that they do.

Anyway, why are you so bothered? This is called the Idea Informer. Post your ideas they will be shown via the main Idea Informer. The one we see on the site is a dumbed down version so only the first 20 or so suggestions actually show, but if you click the link at the bottom of the informer it will take you to the project page where all ideas are shown. The voting is just one way the developer can gauge what the community thinks, but they do not always go by those vote, but what they consider the best suggestion. (Case in point: a particular program given away some months ago, where a lifetime license for a program was offered for the best solution, which incidentally I didn't bother to contribute to (I think). The winner was someone who actually only got one vote compared to the ones with the most votes).

I only post because it helps me to feel useful. I've been unemployed for several years because of an idiot motorist who smashed into the back of me at speed (55 to 60 mph) and broke my back badly in four places and has left me unemployable, badly disabled and dependent on opiate meds for analgesia. I have a window in the morning that is free and checking out the programs and making suggestions helps to distract me from the ever present pain, and as said above makes me feel a little more useful that I usually do.

You should consider your words more carefully. I found them insulting and totally against the spirit of the project. I don't gripe about anything on this site, especially when it involves other users, even if I'm not happy about whatever. (eg one guy posted two suggestions with slightly different variations on his screen name (in the space of two minutes) and won one of the programs twice. (that seemed very unfair to other users who wanted to win one of those programs (there were several offered and I did win one as well{DivX Blu Ray decrypter I think}), but I didn't complain as in my opinion its the job of the moderator to consider these issues. It's just unfortunate that the set up they have here wont show all of the suggestions that are sometimes posted. Because I've seen other suggestions which don't show on the giveaway site that I've though were really good ideas.

Once the developers have consider suggestions made they do sometimes deactivate them and they are then moved to the bottom of the pile to make way for others that haven't yet been considered.

Just to be a hypocrite (after saying I don't usually complain, I will be asking why a comment such as your has been allowed through moderation when it has nothing to do with this software given away today).


I'm surprised you allowed this comment through on the idea informer as it has nothing to do with the program and more to do with personal issues. Thank you.

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